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"Candace Wilson"

Candace Wilson is ooe of the 010st positive people you will ever meet. She believes you can achieve whatever goal you set for yourself. She's proved she's right.

Years ago, Candace was a wine taster in Europe. A career that gave her the opportunity to travel in style throughout Europe, while earning big money to boot. She had always been fascinated by large helicopters and wondered what it would be like to fly one. She returned to Canada, took an intense three month cram course, passed with flying colors and for the next five years flew large helicopters to construction sites up north.

By 1985, Candace had had enough flying. So she quit flying, returned to Toronto and formed a company called "Emerson & Ross". She began selling custom tailored shirts to executives who pay up to $250.00 per shirt. The first year she sold only a few. The next year a few more. As word spread, her business grew. In 1991, she expects to sell over 2000 shirts.

When I asked Candace how she feels now that she's a successful entrepreneur, she replied with a smile.... "I love it . .. it's just great."

Candace Wilson had no special gift or training for either of the three careers she's mastered. What she does have is the confidence in her own ability to succeed. And in Canada that's all you need. She's another Canadian Achiever.

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