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"Mike Grenby"

Today Mike Grenby is one of Canada's most respected and successful financial planners. Back in the late 60's Mike was writing a regular financial column in the Vancouver Sun. He worked there for 25 years. Then he did what most people would like to do. He quit his job and struck out on his own.

Mike pioneered the idea of a regular syndicated newspaper column offering financial advice. It was a tough idea to sell at first but now his column is carried regularly in more than 50 newspapers coast to coast. He's written five books on personal finances, and travels the country holding group seminars. Mike has become a very successful entrepreneur. But it wasn't easy, it seldom is.

I asked Mike if being self employed is everybody's cup of tea? .. "You have to have the right temperament for it. I got into this by easing into it. I

worked for the Sun for 25 years and freelanced on the side. So, when I did go out on my own I had a feeling for working for myself although it was still a shock. Itís like having a child. When you have your first one you know itís going to change your life but you have no idea just how much. Going into business is the same sort of thing. "

Does Mike recommend becoming self-employed? .. "No, I don't recommend it for everybody. I think if you have the temperament, you're prepared to work hard, you like to be your own boss, you're fairly independent, lots of ideas, then it could make sense for you. But if you like the 35 to 40 hours work week, not having to worry about not getting paid, and enjoy paid holidays every year, then working on your own is probably not a good thing for you. ',

So, before you fall prey to the lure of quitting your job, reflect on Mike's advice. If you decide you still want to do it, then go for it.

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