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"Mel Dancy"

I've known Mel Dancy as a friend for over fifteen years. He's a remarkable guy. Mel grew up in Hamilton, Ontario. He got his first construction job at age eleven when he bid on a sewer line project at a new home being built near his home. He worked all day with a pick and shovel like a beaver possessed. By day's end the job was complete and Mel received the magnificent sum of 10 dollars. The construction hook was in his blood forever.

By age 18, he was buying and selling land as well as building houses. Like most young people, Mel was restless. So, he moved to Toronto and tackled the big stuff ... highrises. Before long, he had a string of them in and around Toronto. Never satisfied, and always a challenge seeker, in 1977 he bid on and won a contract with the Egyptian government to build an entire village way out in the middle of the Sahara Desert. Mel was there for four years. The project was a shambles from day one. He lost a bundle and earned the nickname "Mel of the Desert".

Bowed but never broken, Mel returned to Toronto and picked up where he left off. Today, at 51 years of age, Mel owns a number of highrises around Toronto and is always seeking new challenges. Ask him if he thinks there is still the same opportunity to achieve in Canada as there was when he started out and he'll tell you. .. "Probably now more than ever. Just their desire would carry them through. There have been downturns before in Canada and there'll be downturns again. But you can succeed in Canada no matter what. Canada is the greatest country. It's a godsend to live here."

Mel still puts in fourteen hour days. Ask him why he does it and he'll tell you very simply. .. "Because I enjoy every minute of it."

Canada needs more risk takers with the work ethics of Mel Dancy.

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