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Canada's Frozen Food Kings

"Harrison McCain, Wallace McCain"

Brothers Harrison and Wallace McCain of Florenceville, New Brunswick, are known as "Canada's Frozen Food Kings". But it was a difficult battle for the title.

When they started McCain Foods in 1956, offering their frozen french fries to Canadian food stores, many outlets weren't set up to handle much in the way of frozen products other than ice cream. Not only did they have to convince retailers to buy their goods, they also had to convince them to renovate their stores.

With a guarantee from the Province of New Brunswick, the McCains issued bonds to help set up their first factory.

In 1958 they expanded their product line to include frozen peas. By being able to freeze the crop when prices were low and sell it when prices rose the following year, they finally got the company on the road to success.

They now make a variety of food products that are non-frozen including single strength juices and cheese.

Today, McCain Foods has factories across Canada and in eight other countries worldwide. They employ 12,500 people and produced over 2.4 billion dollars worth of food products in 1990, including chips for the English market.

The McCain Brothers-"Canada's Frozen Food Kings".

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