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"Kevin Zubek"

I first told the Kevin Zubek's story on my radio program two years ago, (1989). At that time Kevin was a 16-year-old high school student from Mississauga, Ontario who was well on his way to becoming a successful entrepreneur in the Sports Card Collectible business.

He began as most collectors do, first he was a fan. Then he began trading and selling. In 1989 Kevin was expecting to gross 100 thousand dollars buying and selling sports cards. Not bad for a 16-year-old high school student. Now two years later, at 18 years of age Kevin is working full time with his father in their Sports Card store in Mississauga.

They carry a stock of about 25 million cards. Kevin is rated one of Canada's best in the business. And believe me its big business. Some cards sell for up to 7500 dollars.

Kevin travels around North America attending card shows, buying and selling. Always on the look out for that one rare, mint condition card that someone back home is willing to pay any price to acquire. For example the value for a near mint set of 1952 Topps Cards (all 407 in the set) is around 45 thousand dollars!

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