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Canada's Mobile Mechanic

"Bob Krueger"

People who work with 34 year old Bob Krueger will tell you he is the finest mechanic around. He can fix anything and everything.

Growing up in Saskatoon, his school chums were always asking him to fix their bicycles, which he did. As he and his friends grew older, they asked Bob to fix their cars. So, at 19 years of age Bob decided he would go into business for himself, as a mobile mechanic. He formed a company appropriately called "R. J. K. Mobile Mechanics Incorporated". Wasn't he worried going out on his own?

"No I wasn't worried. I saw a gap in the market for my kind of service. I knew what my goals were and went for them."

As a mobile mechanic, Bob and his staff travel allover on special projects. Besides having an office in Saskatoon he also has a major operation in Yellowknife, N.W.T. In fact, that's where he lives because most of his large contracts are in the North including Alaska. "Our company is now registered in Alaska and we have exported the Canadian trade labor to that market. It is being received faster than we actually wished." Because of the enormous distance between projects, and the limited passenger airline services, Bob flies his own plane.

At 19 Bob Krueger knew what his goals were and headed straight for them. Along the way he's built a solid business employing 22 people and expects to gross 1.2 million in sales this year. (1991)

He's another Canadian Achiever

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