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"Jocelyne Doyle-Rodrigue"

For the people of Montreal, bilingualism is not a goal, it's a fact of daily life. And that fact was not lost on Jocelyne Doyle-Rodrigue. At the University of Montreal she specialized in translation. After graduating she joined the Federal Translation Bureau in Ottawa and soon rose to a managerial position in the bureau. At the age of twenty-eight. Jocelyne was well paid, secure and doing something she enjoyed.

But Jocelyne wasn't happy. She really wanted to work for herself. So, with a typewriter in her basement and a few freelance contracts, Jocelyne started "Translex" in the spring of 1980. (The company is now called "Exelcom/Translex".) Her timing was perfect. She entered the private translation field at a time when businesses, government agencies and national associations were looking for high-quality translation services. She also found that many English speaking Canadians were in need of good translation of documents and other materials that were being produced in French.

Today Excelcom/Translex employs 53 translators and 28 support staff in their three offices: Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto. Jocelyne's husband, Nelson, a former translator is Vice President of Operations. And what an operation it is. They expect sales this year of 4.8 million dollars.

Jocelyn Doyle-Rodrigue, a Canadian Achiever in both official languages.

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