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He Made His Dream Happen

"Ted Grant"

When you hear what 40 year old Ted Grant is doing now, and you hear what his background was, you'll wonder how Ted's achieved what he has.

Ted grew up on a farm near Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, joined the RCMP and settled in for what should have been a long secure career. But Ted risked it all to become an entrepreneur. "I started flying, he told me, "in 1972, in conjunction with my RCMP career, I wanted to have something to fall back on when I retired. I'd always wanted to own a fishing lodge. It was a challenge that I wanted to follow since I was a little boy. I knew Id have to be able to fly a plane."

Little boy's dreams are made to become men's achievements. Ted started an air charter service in Fort Simpson, N.W.T. His little boy dreams became a reality when he bought a lodge. He didn't stop there. He then bought a hotel, then an airline ... 'Simpson Air', which now has 8 planes.

Today, at 42 years of age, the combined sales of his companies exceeds 5 million per year.

Does Ted recommend becoming an entrepreneur. .. "If you're a gambler, yes go for it. Just make up your mind you're going to do it, and do it! The first few years in any type of business are tough. You often wonder if its worth it. But you just have to stick with it."

Ted Grant, as a boy he dreamed a dream. As a man he made it happen.

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