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Her Buttertarts are the Best

"Norma Beer, Norm Beer"

Norma and Norm Beer of Chilliwack, B.C., are a real Canadian success story. Norm owned his own company delivering to local food stores. Eight years ago Norm suggested to Norma that it would be a good idea to add buttertarts to his line of products. Norma was a wonderful cook but she had never baked buttertarts before. She decided to give it a try. The first day she gave Norm 14 buttertarts to take on his rounds. Each one individually and lovingly wrapped in clear cellophane. He sold them and asked Norma for more. The second day she made more. . . He sold out and asked for more. Soon, demand for Norma's buttertarts was so great that she was working round the clock in her kitchen and basement. The more she made. .. the more Norm sold.

She rented an empty store, set up baking ovens, and hired staff. Still she could not keep up with demand. Norm's customers kept asking for more of 'Norma's Buttertarts'. Demand became so great that Norm sold his distributorship to work full time with Norma. It's the perfect example of what can happen in Canada if you have the right product and are willing to work at it.

'Norma's Buttertarts' are now being sold throughout western Canada. She produces 550 dozen each day from her modern bakery. Each one individually and lovingly wrapped in clear cellophane. "We made things more efficient," she told me, "by adding some automatic equipment." Norm says, "the biggest gratification for us is the fact that we are now able to provide employment for our staff of 16 people."

Norma is still unfazed by all of this success. Phone the bakery and she answers the phone which is right near the mixing vats. Norma built her reputation on quality and she won't let anything interfere with that. What is her secret to success. ... ?

"Give a quality product and good service. That's the main thing. If you're going to change your product, make it better."

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