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"Deborah Goodwin"

The cosmetic industry in Canada is an enormous industry. It's in the billions of dollars and employs thousands of people. A large portion of the industry is cornered by beauty consultants who arrange private parties in friend's homes. There are over 5,000 such beauty consultants in Canada ... each can earn up to 200.00 per week working part time one or two nights a week.

One of Canada's most successful is 33 year old Deborah Goodwin of Winona, Ontario. She started selling part time eleven years ago. At the time she was a 22 year old loans officer working in a bank. "I was invited to an Aloette Cosmetic Party. The girl putting on the show worked with me at the bank. She explained how she was making an extra hundred dollars a week working two evenings. So, I decided to try it myself."

She took to selling cosmetics like the proverbial duck to water. Soon she quit her job at the bank to devote full time to her new career. Today, Deborah's company 'Aloette Cosmetics of Oakville' has over 200 beauty consultants and 15 managers plus 5 full time office staff creating sales of 3 million dollars a year.

"The top income earner this year for Aloette International is one of my consultants. She earned over J00 thousand dollars. In fact," Deborah told me, "most of my managers earned over 50 thousand."

Deborah's company is a family affair... husband Alan "directs the franchise, looks after all of our business affairs and leaves me free to concentrate on sales development and training."

Her mother and brother Brad are also deeply involved in making the company operate so smoothly.

Deborah offers this advice to women looking for a new challenge...

"First off they should look beyond and realize that in this day and age they will probably work in some capacity for the rest of their life. So why not do something they enjoy and get well paid for. Rather than just doing something to get paid for the time being."

The cosmetics industry is huge. .. and just keeps getting bigger. So if you're looking for an opportunity to earn money on a part time basis ... with the chance of someday becoming self-employed, you might look into becoming a beauty consultant ... as Deborah Goodwin says, "the field is wide open."

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