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"Bill Smith & Gerry Smith"

In the mid 1970's Bill Smith of Toronto and Gerry Smith of Brantford, started working at Seeburn Metal Products in Orillia, Ontario. They aren't related. At the time they didn't even know each other but, that's all changed.

By 1985 they owned the company. What do they produce? They produce new car jacks. In fact, they produce over 4.5 million car jacks every year. That's about 50% of the North American car industry.

They produce their jacks at plants in Totteham and Beaverton, Ontario. They ship them to new car plants in Canada, the U.S. and here's a switch, to Toyota in Japan. The only other major competitor in the new car jack industry is the Universal Tool Company in Butler, Indiana. Between them they share over 80% of the North American new car industry.

47 year old Bill Smith is President, 41 year old Gerry Smith is Executive Vice President. They are very proud of their achievements. So are their 550

employees. Sales this year should top 50 million dollars! The company has a value of, according to Bill Smith, "Somewhere between 16 to 20 million dollars. Jerry and I each own 50% of the company”.

That's a lot of jack, no matter how you count it. Bill Smith and Gerry Smith, two Canadian Achievers.

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