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Their Key to Success is Their People

"Ketty Alzetta, Mariano Alzetta"

"You must like people. We love our people. They are everything to us. Without them we are nothing."

That's what Ketty Alzetta said when I asked her what was the secret to their success and their excellent Montreal restaurant, "La Capannina". The people she refers to are their customers and staff.

Ketty emigrated to Canada from Egypt 26 years ago. She met Mariano at the hotel where they both worked. 19 years ago they started a restaurant, they had partners, it failed. Six years ago, and much wiser, they tried again. Only this time, no partners, and it worked. Their restaurant has 13 staff, 110 seats, and is always busy. The menu is Italian with the key ingredients being the personal warmth and meticulous attention to detail of this caring couple.

Although their restaurant does not open until noon: "We're here at eight in the morning. We must see that everything is okay. Then we wait to receive our people”. Ketty and Mariano are still there at closing time around midnight to say good-night to their people and invite them back again and again.

In a world that's become increasingly more complicated, Ketty and Mariano Alzetta have built their successful business around the uncomplicated philosophy of service. They know that every restaurant sells food. The successful ones surround the food with service and ambience.

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