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"Jimmy Pattison"

Born in Luceland, Saskatchewan, raised in Vancouver, Jimmy Pattison is a legend in the financial world. A certified self-made billionaire. Everything he has now, he's earned.

In 1952 he started selling used cars. People who were in the business then say he was the best. In 1961 at age 32, he mortgaged his home to buy a General Motors dealership and the rest, as they say, is history.

His group of over fifty companies has combined annual sales exceeding 2 billion dollars. In a 1989 interview I asked him what he'd done different

from anyone else? He replied, "Maybe I took afew more risks."

Jimmy is respected around the world as an astute entrepreneur with an uncanny knack to select the right people and spot business opportunities in unusual circumstances. Including show business success, like buying John Lennon's car at an auction then later donating it to the B.C. Government where it now rests on display in their Transportation Museum in Cloverdale,


He raised more than a few eyebrows a few years ago when he acquired "Ripley's Believe It or Not". He owns the comic strip, TV series, and all of their museums containing a priceless collection of unusual items. Believe it or not, Jimmy Pattison's "Believe It or Not" museums own the world's largest collection of shrunken heads. Whether it's shrunken heads for his museums, or companies with shrunken profits, Jimmy Pattison turns whatever he tackles into a profitable experience.

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