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Help or Hindrance?

"Family Businesses"

Broadcast August 28, 1990

There's an old saying about family businesses: "It's three generations from shirt sleeves to shirt sleeves." Meaning the first generation starts the company by rolling up their shirt sleeves to get the business off the ground. The second generation comes in wearing a suit and expands the company into a well-run, successful corporation. The third generation takes over and runs the corporation into the ground, leaving everyone in their shirt sleeves having to start all over.

The second generation is called "The Sandwich Generation". They're sandwiched between the usually tough, gruff Founder parent, who questions their every decision, and they're sandwiched between their own children who seldom desire to achieve in the family business.

The second generation usually has more pressure on them than any of

their employees.

So, is being in the family business a help or hindrance? You decide.

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