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The Godfather of Cancon

"Walt Grealis"

Cancon is an abbreviation of the two words ... Canadian Content. There's a lot of cancon on radio and television today thanks largely in part to Walt Grealis ... founder of R.P.M. Magazine.

Twenty-five years ago, Walt recognized the need for a Canadian music industry magazine. Until then there wasn't one ... everything came in from the States. So he started a weekly magazine called R.P.M. It's a financial success now ... but it sure didn't make financial sense back then.

The experts told him he would fail. They said Canada's music industry wasn't large enough to support its own weekly magazine. But Walt went ahead anyway. "The first few editions were on one page foolscap run off on an old duplicating machine." It appeared as if the experts may have been right. Did he ever feel like quitting? "About three times a week, but we managed to hang on." Today, R.P.M. Magazine is very successful.

In appreciation of Walt's enormous contribution these past 25 years ... the industry gave him a special Juno Award, and named him ... the Godfather of Cancon.

Walt Grealis has proven the experts wrong. That's usually what happens when you have confidence in yourself and your idea. Just hang in with it and don't give up. You will achieve your goal just like Walt Grealis ... another Canadian Achiever.

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