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"Bill Pardy"

If you've never heard of Pasadena, Newfoundland, well you have now. It was a farming community then a dormitory for Cornerbrook where Bill Pardy was born 42 years ago.

Thirteen years ago Bill was elected Mayor of Pasadena and was determined to put the town on the map. He discovered the concept of an "industrial incubator”, a low-rental centre for people who wanted to get into small business. He persuaded the Federal Government to put money into it. He brought business people in from Western Canada to advise local entrepreneurs and sent some Pasadena people out West to see how things were done.

In 1986 his Venture Centre finally opened. "We're taking it slowly", he said, "But we created over 300 new jobs which is a boost for a town of 3500 in an area like ours."

Bill produced a video series called "Small Business-An Awareness Program". It was an immediate success. Copies were placed in schools and

post-secondary institutions in Newfoundland and across Canada. Some went as far East and West as China and Italy.

Bill recognized the advantage of linking up via satellite with communities in countries facing the same difficulties as Newfoundland. After months of negotiations, a six hour satellite hook-up with Belfast Northern Ireland took place December 2, 1990.

"I really believe", he told me, "that satellite transmission is the way to go. Linking up via satellite provides each area with the opportunity to share experiences, ideas and theories."

Bill was the driving force behind the outstanding success of Junior Achievement of Canada in Pasadena and Cornerbrook. Both 1990 winners of the annual Junior Achievement Major Awards were Junior Achievement companies from Pasadena. The companies were "Note-it-All" managed by 21 teenaged entrepreneurs from Cornerbrook and "Tray-Gourmet" managed by 12 teenagers from Pasadena.

When you consider that there were over 8100 junior achievers operating 480 Junior Achievement companies across Canada that tells you a lot about Bill Pardy.

In January 1991 Bill accepted a larger challenge on the Mainland. He is now working his imaginative magic with the "Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency".

Bill's accomplishments reinforce what I say so often on my program and in every address. "In Canada you don't have to come from a big city to think big!"

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