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"Suzanne Hillier"

Suzanne Hillier, now of Brampton, Ontario but originally from St. John's, Newfoundland is one of the busiest family law specialists. And well might she be, tempered as she was by many a trial and tribulation.

Her original career was teaching. Then came the personal traumas that changed everything. First there was the death of a five year old daughter, the pain of which brought on a marriage break-up. She moved to Florida, where she spent a year supporting three children by freelance writing for Esquire and New Yorker, no mean feat in itself. Emotionally stabilized by this independent lifestyle, she rejoined her husband only to spend the next 5 years watching him succumb to cancer. Seeking diversion from those pressures and inspired by her father's 22 year career as Attorney General of Newfoundland, she took up law.

Here she was widowed and raising three teenagers, when she wrote the difficult bar exams. Today she is the senior partner in the law firm of Hillier and Hillier. The other Hillier is her daughter, Ava.

Suzanne Hillier, indeed advises from experience, and proves a shining example to all that 'it's never too late to start againí. She's another Canadian Achiever.

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