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He's the Center of Centreville

"Burney MacDougal"

This is the story of a New Brunswick conglomerate that started and stayed in a small community.

In 1960 when Burney MacDougal opened his machine shop in Centreville, New Brunswick little did he ever imagine that his small shop with one employee would grow over the next 28 years into a conglomerate group of companies employing 75 people, and doing 15 million dollars a year in sales. It wasn't easy, it took a lot of hard work and risk, but that's what happened and it hasn't stopped yet.

Burney started out by repairing farm equipment, then building custom truck bodies for the logging industry. Then they branched into highway snow and ice control equipment. Today 40% of his production in one company, "BWS Manufacturing" in Centreville is sold in the United States, Africa and South America.

Believing that you must always keep expanding, Burney MacDougal's group of companies includes a tractor dealership, a truck dealership, a leasing company and an investment company. Not bad for what started as a small operation in a very small community. Proof, once again, that in Canada you don't have to be in a big city to do big things.

Burney MacDougal of Centreville, New Brunswick, population 600. Another Canadian Achiever.

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