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"Charles Sirois"

Charles Sirois, born in the small Quebec town of Chicoutimi, always had a gift for mathematics. He studied economics and finance at Laval University in Quebec City. When he graduated, he had no money but a lot of ambition and he looked around for what he thought would be a promising business. Of all things, he landed on the idea of Beepers, those portable Pagett machines that many doctors and messengers carry around, usually attached to their hips, to be paged at any instant by the sound of a beep.

Sirois, who grew up speaking only French, started off modestly with a Pagette service in a Quebec City Hospital, and later he expanded into the telephone message business.

By 1985, Sirois still did not speak English very well, but he had cornered more than forty percent of the Canadian paging business. Then he scored his big scoop. December 23, 1985 he bought "T.A.S. Pagette", Canada's largest paging company based in Toronto. That acquisition made Sirois, still under 30 years old, Canada's undisputed "Mr. Pagette".

Always on the move, he merged his company with B.C.E. and formed "B.C.E. Mobile", now one of the world's largest mobile communication companies doing business all over the world. Charles is that company's second largest shareholder. His own personal company, "Intermedia Financial Corp." is a merchant with offices in Canada, France and several other countries.

Still a young 36 years old, Charles married Therese, also from Chicoutimi. They have a boy, 15, and a girl, 12. When I asked Charles what he figured his net financial worth was he chuckled and said, "It all depends on the market, as high as 250 million. Today, (January 14, 1990) probably only 100 million."

He's another Canadian Achiever.

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