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She Follows Her Own Path

"Vera Bates"

"Go for it. If you really want to do something in life, do it. I don't care if you're a man or a woman. I'm not a feminist by any means. I just feel you should go and do what you want to do in life. If you're scared to because of what people might think, well, to heck with you!"

That, Vera Bates told me, is her philosophy towards life. She means it, and she lives by it.

Formerly of Fonthill, Ontario, when she received a degree in nursing, folks said she'd go a long way. And she did. Vera went to New York to become a successful fashion coordinator. Then to Jamaica to manage a hotel. Along the way, she became conversant in five languages. As if three careers weren't enough, Vera returned to Canada and Prince Edward Island to become a sheep rancher, and a highly respected one at that.

Redcliffe Farm became the home of the famed "Redcliffe Polled Dorset Sheep". A breed that brought her acclaim throughout the Maritimes. Not surprisingly, Vera wasn't content with winning ribbons, attending international conferences, or judging or speaking "sheep". She turned her home into a 'guest house' that welcomes visitors from every country.

"I've had some really interesting guests from all around the world."

Recently she sold off her sheep. "For the time being", she told me, "to have more time to return to my first love ... sculpting. I am sculpting the Anne of Green Gables series and then making the original dolls. I'm making reproductions of antique dolls." You can bet they will quickly become much sought after collector's items.

Vera Bates is an Achiever who follows her own path and her own advice, "Go for it”!

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