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"Pierre Ducros"

51-year-old Pierre Ducros had an unusually disciplined education while growing up in Montreal. His French-born father sent young Pierre to the Military College in nearby Saint Jean and then he was off to Ontario's Royal Military College in Kingston. After a degree in engineering from Montreal's McGill University and a stint in the Canadian Navy, Ducros joined IBM in 1964 and quickly moved up the ladder in the rapidly-expanding computer company.

Working with him at IBM were two close friends; Alain Roy, who Pierre knew from Military College days, and Serge Meilleur. In 1973 the trio decided to leave IBM and go on their own. They formed the DMR Group", (the first initial of their last names). Using knowledge gained at IBM their company specialized in helping corporations set up their own software systems to meet their particular management needs.

As Pierre Ducros explained to me, "It was not our purpose or intention to expand as rapidly as we did. We began offering consulting services in data processing and management ... it just grew."

They now have offices coast to coast in Canada and seven other countries. Combined they employ 2,097 people, (January 1991) of which 1300 are here in Canada. Pierre, Serge and Alain are excellent examples of intrapreneurs wanting to become entrepreneurs and doing it.

"We left many good friends at IBM. It is a very good company. We are still friends, we just wanted to become entrepreneurs."

And boy, have they done it. Sales this year, (1991) are expected to top 200 million dollars. They are Canadian Achievers.

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