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"Peter Matiowsky"

Peter Matiowsky was born and raised in the Seech District of Manitoba. He moved to Calgary and for the next 20 years did a variety of things including selling insurance, working in the oil fields and for 16 years worked as a glass man for "Custom Glass", a company specializing in home window renovations. That's where he soon picked up on a common theme: people are very concerned about the security of their homes. Many of Peter's customers were looking for more effective ways of burglar-proofing their doors and windows, so he started thinking about ways that he could help.

In 1974 Peter decided to capitalize on this, risk it all, and start his own company "Environmental Glass Service". Peter tested several normal household doors and found that they could be kicked in easily. He came up with the idea of putting a steel plate inside the door, attached to a dead bolt lock. Such construction makes the door much more difficult to break in, giving a thief the option of kicking noisily at the door and attracting a lot of attention, or completely abandoning the idea of robbing that particular house.

From there, Peter branched out to windows with break-resistant glass, and windows with special security bars. Peter feels the profits his business earns are only part of his reward. He enjoys pitting his mind against that of a criminal, especially when Peter is the winner.

Environmental Glass Service products are sold through locksmiths under the trade name "Intrud-A-Shield". Peter has been satisfied to let the company grow at its own pace.

"But now", he told me, "my 28 year old son Kevin is running the show. He has big plans to market our product world-wide."

Soon they'll be thwarting criminal minds and stopping thieves in their tracks, the world over.

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