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"Dan Wilton"

When I first met 17 year old Dan Wilton of Winnipeg, it was hard to believe he's was only 17. Dan exudes confidence and maturity. The kind of person you want leading Canada into the next century, I met Dan through Junior Achievement, the excellent organization which gives young people the opportunity to expand their horizons. In 1989 Dan was selected to give the keynote address in front of 1600 of Canada's business leaders at the annual Junior Achievement Captains of Industry dinner in Toronto. Can you imagine being asked, at 17, to speak to 1600 of Canada's senior business leaders who each paid $275.00 to hear you? I spoke with Dan just before his address and asked him how he felt?

"I' m a little bit nervous because many of the people in the audience are legends in the business world."

Someone wise once said ... "courage is being scared silly and still proceeding". Well, Dan proceeded to the dias and knocked them out with a speech that left a lasting impression. What impressed everyone was his confidence in the future of Canada, "my address deals mainly with the future of the Canadian entrepreneur. I think it's quite bright. I have a lot of confidence in Canada. I think it's a great country."

Canada's future is indeed very bright. Particularly with bright young Canadians like Dan Wilton and all of the other young people at Junior Achievement.

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