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"Peter Legge"

"I think you have to first of all come to grips with how gifted you mayor may not be. And are able to work within that framework.

"Secondly, my strongest advice would be, don't bite off more than you can chew. Try very hard not to go into debt. .. don't run too fast. Be more like the turtle than the hare. Allow things to grow slowly. Things will never happen as fast as you can dream or visualize them. The marketplace will not likely glom onto you that fast and grow as fast as you want. You have to keep pushing and do it slowly. You have to take risks. You have to be entrepreneurial. .. and keep an eye on your debt. "

That's the answer Peter Legge gave when I asked his advice to would be entrepreneurs. He also said ...

"The first priority is . .. get into your own business. The second priority is. .. produce a good product and sustain it. My background is selling and marketing; that's what I really focused on."

Peter is certainly very qualified to give advice. Not only is he an outstanding business success, he shares his success with others around the world as a leading motivational speaker.

Peter Legge is not your average motivational speaker. He has a proven track record to back up what he says.

Peter's family emigrated to Canada from England in 1954, when he was 12 years old.

His ability to entertain and perform began at age 12 when he realized he could make people laugh. In fact, he was actually very good at it. Eventually he decided to pursue a career in entertainment which took him back to England where he hosted a very successful comedy show for the BBC.

His desire to succeed in the business world brought him back to Vancouver where he pursued a successful career in the broadcasting industry. But Peter had the same uncontrollable itch so many achievers have. He wanted to own a company.

"I really have to say I backed into it . .. There was an opportunity to buy a company that didn't have many assets or much money but it was something that I could call my own and that I could run."

The company he bought in 1976 published 'TV Week' Magazine. It was doing sales of 70 thousand a year and barely surviving. Now 15 years later, Peter's company "Canada Wide Magazines” is virtually a publishing

empire publishing 13 magazines with 1991 sales expected to top 15 million dollars.

"I think what really got us going in the first place was my ignorance of what I was doing. I didn't know I shouldn't be doing it so I went ahead and did it. If I had to make those same decisions today, knowing what I know about the publishing business and its complexities, I probably wouldn't go into the business."

Peter attributes his phenomenal success to three factors. .. persistence, patience and a positive attitude. He often paraphrases former U.S. President Calvin Coolidge who said "Nothing in the world can take the place of these three factors . .. talent will not, education will not and genius will not."

Peter puts 100 percent into everything he does. People who hear him speak leave the meeting wanting to 'soar like an eagle'. In fact, that's the title of his address and motivational cassette. I have his cassette in my car and listen to it whenever I need a good stiff jolt to get my adrenalin flowing.

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