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She Bucked A Trend In The Automobile Industry

"Marlene Buck"

Marlene Buck is one of Canada's very few female car dealers. When her husband Dave died in 1986, Marlene stepped in as president of the dealership, Dave Buck Ford in Vancouver.

Winnipeg-born Marlene had never worked in the automotive business, and hadn't worked at all for ten years when she took over. But she was determined to keep the business in the family, so she took a condensed course in the car and truck business and took over.

She has a staff of 95 and under Marlene's eye, the dealership's 28 year reputation for reliable sales and service is firmly intact. Marlene makes a special point of stressing the importance of women customers when talking to her staff. She feels strongly that women don't want to be treated any differently than men, and they deserve attention and respect.

She told me, "women are usually better buyers than men because they do their homework."

Marlene has taken a very active role in the automotive industry. She served three years on the board of the Auto Dealers Association of Greater Vancouver. She is now their immediate past president (1991).

Her philosophy towards achieving is, "You have to be totally committed to what you are going to do. Be sure to hire good people. Maintain a high energy level." Her high energy level will see total sales at her dealership this year (1991) of ... "somewhere between 35 and 40 million. That sounds like a lot but a store like ours has a huge overhead."

How does she manage her time? "Well I've really learned to control myself. I've become much better. I'm cutting back. I seldom work weekends now, except when I have to. I'm out of here by seven every night. I've improved a great deal." Now she is only working 50 to 60 hours per week. Some improvement.

Marlene Buck had a goal firmly in mind then she set out with determination, hard work, and a few ideas to get her there ... and has. She's another Canadian Achiever.

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