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An Amazing Young Canadian Inventor

"Rachel Zimmerman"

There is, in London, Ontario, an inventor named R. Zimmerman, who has won a silver medal at the Canada Wide Science Fair, money from I.B.M., a Canadian Citizenship Award, and plaudits from the Minister of State for Science and Technology. Are you picturing a silver haired old gentleman working with test tubes? Surprise!! The 'R' in .front of Zimmerman stands for Rachel. . . a pretty, young girl who, at the age of 13 developed a computer based method of communication for people who are unable to speak or write. Rachel says with compassion "l developed it because these

... •people are so isolated."

Using an Atari 800XL computer and a large ultra sensitive power pad

board, a handicapped person need only touch symbols or letters on the board to make themselves easily understood. At a touch, words can be printed, allowing the handicapped to 'leave a message’.

Originally in English, Rachel Zimmerman has adapted the program to French. Rachel Zimmerman has found that 'ability plus idea, plus compassion' is a perfect formula for success.

Canada looks forward to great things from this 18 year old Canadian Achiever. Her efforts were recognized again in 1990 when she won the YTV Achievement Award for innovation.

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