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"The Rodd Family"

The Rodd family of Prince Edward Island can offer you a bed if you're ever in the Maritimes. And if you have more than five hundred friends, they'll put all of them up too. For more than fifty years the Rodds have been Maritime motel owners.

In 1936, Wally and Sally Rodd started the tradition with a 16 room inn in Charlottetown. Now their eldest son, David, oversees eight family-owned inns of various sizes in P.E.I., New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. The business employs more than five hundred people and pulls in around fourteen million dollars a year. And David now takes regular sales trips to Japan where interest in Prince Edward Island has blossomed since that country caught on to the island-based 'Anne of Green Gables' stories.

For 50 years the Rodd family has hung on to their tradition of genial and comfortable accommodations, and built a very successful business around it. Making them true Canadian Achievers.

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