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World Class Mezzo Soprano

"Judith Forst"

Judith Forst's mother Euna always knew her daughter would be a success. She told me that from the time Judith was a little tot she was always singing and practicing piano. Euna is a very proud mother and she has every right to be because now her daughter, Judith Forst, is a world renowned mezzo soprano.

The New York Times wrote recently that Judith Forst is one of the truly world class mezzo sopranos on the operatic stage today. Success has not affected her. Married with two teenagers Judith prefers to live in a modest home in Port Moody, near Vancouver, commuting regularly to New York and Milan.

When opera lovers around the world meet Judith Forst they are usually surprised at the calmness and the fact that she lives in a small town in Canada.

How did she get to the Met?? "A lot of hard work, practice and winning a series of competitions.

In 1968, she sang for the famed Rudolph Bing, then head of New York's Metropolitan Opera. On hearing her sing, Bing made a move unprecedented in New York Met history. . . he signed Judith to a seven year contract. She was on her way. Her musical future assured.

Unfortunately, we tend to overlook Canada's contribution to the worlds concert stage. Most of our concert artists receive greater acclaim in other countries than they do here at home. But that's beginning to change thanks to great talents like Judith Forst ... another Canadian Achiever.

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