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"May Marx"

Today May Marx bronzes, prints, and paintings are collected all over the world. She's recognized as a talented Canadian with a master's touch for popular art. But it wasn't always like that ...

Like most struggling artists, she had to take in part time teaching jobs to pay for studio rentals and supplies. She chuckles that being a sculptor in any country is not a lucrative profession. Not unless they happen onto an ingenious idea like May did when she heard that hockey legend Wayne Gretzky had just won his umpteenth gold watch award. She wondered if Wayne and the legions of other corporate and community award winners weren't bored with silver trays and crystal knick-knacks. Wouldn't they prefer a unique and original May Marx Bronze sculpture? So she got to work in her Toronto studio and created an abstract Chrysler Logo Sculpture. Chrysler didn't buy the idea but Chairman Lee Iacocca loved it, bought it, and it still sits on his desk in New York.

Other companies soon got curious and interested. She is now kept busy supplying governments and leading corporations with her unique bronze award art sculptures. In 1988, the federal government presented a May Marx sculpture to Canadian Boxing Champion Sean O'Sullivan. Sean's

mother told May that of all the awards and trophies he'd received May's had the most meaning.

Today May Marx award art has turned into a 200 thousand dollar a year income simply because she came up with a better idea for well established products. She's another Canadian Achiever.

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