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Canada's First Man in Space

"Marc Garneau"

Marc Garneau did not spend his childhood dreaming of travelling in space. In fact, as a boy growing up in Quebec City, the son of a distinguished general, Marc thought space flight would be out of the question for Canadians for a long time.

If Marc and his family had decided to take their vacation in July, 1983, instead of staying home that month, he might not have become our first astronaut. But he was at home, and he saw the newspaper ad for candidates to apply for the Canadian Man-in-space Program. Marc was one of forty-three hundred applicants. Since he was a career navy officer, he really didn't feel he had much of a chance; many of the other applicants were pilots.

The list was whittled down to eighteen hundred, then to sixty-eight, then to nineteen, and finally, to six. Marc Garneau learned that he was to be the first Canadian to travel aboard the U.S. Space Shuttle Challenger. On October 5, 1984, the world watched as Marc Garneau blasted off and became Canada's first man in space.

Back on the ground, Marc works for the Canadian Space Agency in Ottawa. His job is to create new interest in space science among Canadians and Canadian companies, and to make sure Canada is part of the space programs of the future.

Marc Garneau ... a man who challenged the odds and won.

He's Another Canadian Achiever.

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