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"Alex Trebek"

Every evening over 15 million North Americans tune in to watch Alex Trebek lead them through another round of "Jeopardy”.

Born in Sudbury, July 22, 1940, Alex's father was a hotel chef, his mother a homemaker. He was packed off to a devoutly Catholic prep school where he admits he engaged in more pranks than study. Nevertheless, Trebek graduated from the University of Ottawa and with no formal training landed a job at the C.B.C.

Alex was operating a ski chalet when his friend and fellow Canadian, Alan Thicke, got him a job as host of "The Wizard of Odds" on N.B.C. When Merv Griffin launched the game quiz "Jeopardy", Trebek was chosen as the host. "Jeopardy" became a hit and the rest years later, is history.

When I asked Alex what advice he offered for hopeful achievers he thought for a moment and said, "Get a good education, work hard, pay your dues, keep your fingers crossed so that perhaps you will get that lucky break. Also, there are things you have no control over such as your looks. So don't worry about those. Emphasize the positive. Do something about those things that you can change. But, if it's beyond your control don't worry about it."

That philosophy has paid off handsomely for Alex. He lives in a magnificent home high up in Beverly Hills, California. He is one of the highest paid people in his profession. With his moustache somewhere between Groucho Marx and Zorba the Greek, Alex exudes charm and class. The kind of charm and class that can lead to the movie career he would like to develop. Alex still keeps his Canadian citizenship and is very close to his friends in Canada. He's another Canadian Achiever

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