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"Mel Hurtig"

Five years ago Edmonton publisher Mel Hurtig made Canadians sit up and take notice when he published the 3 volume set "The Canadian Encyclopedia". Mel established a record by selling 155,000 sets in 3 months.

Canadians snapped up the sets because finally we had an encyclopedia of our own. Well he's done it again. Only this time bigger and better. It's called "The Junior Encyclopedia of Canada". All new, all Canadian. Designed specifically for Canadian children to learn about the important role Canada has played over the years.

Did you know that the world's oldest burial site is right here in Canada? Did you know that the first oil well in North America was right here in Canada? Kerosene was invented by a Canadian? No longer do Canadian children have to rely on Canadianized versions of foreign publications. This isn't a commercial for the Junior Encyclopedia but it is an endorsement for the important role it can play in helping Canadian children, parents and educators have a better understanding of this great country. Canadians have been responsible for many important discoveries: rocket fuel, the synthesizer, the pacemaker, 5 pin bowling and of course ice hockey.

We could fill a book listing all of our achievements. In fact we are. That's what this book of "Canadian Achievers" is all about.

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