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The Sailor Who Now Owns the Fleet

"Jim Lane"

In 1949 Jim Lane was 12 years old growing up in Vancouver. Jim was a big kid for his age and because of his size he got a summer job as a deck hand on a tug boat and quickly fell in love with the sea. At age 14 he quit school and went to sea full time.

Over the years he worked hard, studied and got his Masters ticket, saved his money, and eventually acquired 10% of the towing company. But that didn't satisfy him so he sold his shares, levered a bank loan, bought his own tug boat, and started his company, "Mariner Towing". That was in 1979. Now Mariner Towing Company is one of the most active on the west coast.

His three tug boats 'Sea Lane', 'Storm Crest' and 'Tugger Lane' are always busy towing barges up and down the Inside Passage from Olympia, Washington, to Port Hardy, B.C. and all points in between.

In 1989 Jim made world headlines when he donated the services of the 'Sea Lane' to tow the world's largest hockey stick from the Expo '86 site in Vancouver Harbor, under Lions Gate Bridge and across Georgia Strait to Duncan on Vancouver Island.

Today at 54, Jim is easing up a little. He lives with his wife Ellen on a Gulf Island. His sister Irene and brother Irv run the office. Son, Jim Jr., does bull work on one of the tugs learning the tricks of the trade. Jim deserves to take it easy, after all he's been hard at it for 42 years, it's time he eased up the slack a little.

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