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"Gordon Lightfoot"

Gordon Lightfoot's story is the story of a Toronto guitar player who became an international singing songwriting star.

Born in Orillia, Ontario, October 17, 1939, music has been part of Gordon Lightfoot's life almost from the start. At age 11 he was a singer in the church choir, at 13 he was winning music festivals that gave him the right to sing in Toronto's Massey Hall, and at age 16 he was teaching himself to play the guitar. He spent his early years performing in bars and coffee houses, singing his own songs as well as those of others.

One of his first big breaks was an invitation to join the cast of 'Country Hoedown' as a dancer, then later as a singer. This brought him to the attention of TV viewers across Canada. Despite the fact that television gives him exposure to Canadians, Gordon shies away from it. He doesn't think he projects as well on the tube as he does on stage or on records. He'll tell you that a lot of his personal life is in the music he writes. For example, a lost love is behind his hit "If You Could Read My Mind."

His first big hit "In the Early Morning Rain" has been recorded by many major recording artists including Elvis Presley. He's published over 300 songs and released 25 albums. His songs have been translated and recorded in 12 different languages.

An extremely proud Canadian, he still lives in Canada recording, and collecting royalties from his songs. Gordon Lightfoot, a Canadian like you, had a dream and made it work. He's another Canadian Achiever.

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