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"Michael J. Fox"

In the final scene of the movie 'Back to the Future III', Dr. Brown, played by Christopher Lloyd, tells Marty McFly, played by Michael J. Fox,

"your future hasn't been written yet, no one's has. Your future is whatever you make it. So make it a good one." That scene may have been pure fiction, but the advice is pure reality. Michael J. Fox is making his future a good one.

The 'J' in Michael J. Fox doesn't stand for anything in particular. Michael put it there a few years ago when he learned that he was not the only Michael Fox looking for acting jobs in Los Angeles. He certainly needn't worry any more about confusion over his name.

Born in Edmonton, June 9, 1961, Michael J. Fox was a smash hit with his starring roles in the three 'Back to the Future' movies and the TV show 'Family Ties', now in syndication. Even though he was older, Michael played a teenager several years younger in those hit shows.

His career got its start on the strength of Michael's ability to portray a character much younger than himself. When he was fifteen years old he landed the part of a ten-year-old in the television show 'Leo and Me', a role he played for two years.

At the suggestion of movie greats Art Carney and Maureen Stapleton, Michael decided to try looking for work in Los Angeles. It didn't take Los Angeles long to realize that these veteran actors knew their stuff: Michael J. Fox had talent.

Michael J. Fox now lives in Los Angeles, even though he maintains real 'Family Ties' with Vancouver. His movie 'The Secret of My Success' is something of a misnomer: it's no secret that talent is the foundation for this Canadian Achiever's skyrocketing career.

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