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A Canadian Gift To Hollywood

"Genevieve Bujold"

Several years ago Aline and I were vacationing in Acapulco, Mexico. Our travel agent had booked us into "Los Brisas", a lovely resort high in the hills offering a spectacular view of the harbour. Unknown to us was the fact that the annual Mexico Film Festival was on. Many International stars were staying at our resort.

We arrived late at night and went to bed. Imagine our surprise the following day at lunch to see James Mason, Adam West, and Genevieve Bujold among the people lunching in the dining room. Several days later, during a quiet moment around the pool, Aline and I introduced ourselves to Genevieve and complimented her on her achievements. She seemed genuinely pleased to meet fellow Canadians whom she could relate with.

Her story is one of great pride, since she is now regarded as one of the world's great actresses. But it's doubtful that many of the students attending the Hochelaga Convent in Montreal in the 1950's imagined that a future movie star was in their midst. When Genevieve Bujold finished her twelve years at that school, she went directly into the Conservatory of Arts in Montreal. Three more years of schooling prepared her for a professional acting career. As she says, "A diploma can't get you work in the theatre, but a part can!"

By the time she was twenty-four, Genevieve was in Paris to accept a major award. The following year she was nominated for an Emmy. Two more years saw her win a Golden Globe award in Hollywood and an Academy Award nomination for her role in "Anne of a Thousands Days".

In 1972, Canada finally caught up with the rest of the entertainment world, and named Genevieve Bujold "The Most Outstanding Performer in Canada."

Genevieve Bujold, a Canadian like you. She had a dream and made it work. She's another Canadian Achiever.

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