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"Barry Gunn"

Spying on your competition is as old as the hills. You spy on them, they spy on you. A restauranteur in Lloydminster, Alberta has added a new twist on spying that is simple as suds. Yet works like a charm. 34 year old Barry Gunn owns 'Diggers Family Restaurant'. He employs 40 people. To find out what the competition is doing and stay ahead of them he pays four of his staff to go and have a nice meal once a month at a competitor's restaurant. Never the same four staff. Never the same competitor. The next morning there is a staff meeting and the four give a complete report on what they saw. Here's how Barry explained it to me ... "Really what it is a way of highlighting what we are trying to drive home to our staff. All the areas in which we can improve. They get to look at some of the other operations and expose our people to what the competition is doing. It's worked very well. We visit seven competing restaurants in our market area."

It's always the simple ideas that work the best. In this case it's working very well. Barry's restaurant will do over one million dollars in sales this year. In a city of 15 thousand people you have to admit that's very good.

Barry Gunn of 'Diggers Restaurant' is digging up gold with sharp ideas.

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