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He's Revolutionizing Highway Resurfacing

"Pat Wiley"

Canada is truly a land of creative entrepreneurs. I guess it's because we are only 124 years young that we still have the explorer's sense about us, frontier mentality. Unlike most of the older countries our best and most inventive ideas are still coming from average Canadians in average sized towns and cities. Fortunately our creative curiosity hasn't yet been stifled or swallowed up by huge multi-national corporations. Canadians still keep coming

up with ingenious inventions that are being accepted around the world. Unusual inventions like a device I saw while on a speaking engagement in Williams Lake, British Columbia. It's called a "Hot In Place Asphalt Recycling Machine". Its inventor is Pat Wiley, a 35 year old entrepreneur.

What is it? Well, if you're driving along the highway and see a huge machine moving along at 4km per day chewing up and eating the highway surface in one end of the machine and laying it down out the other end in the form of fresh new highway surface, stop and look because that's Pat Wiley's incredible invention.

Pat has always been an entrepreneur. He left high school to work in a welding shop; by age 21 he owned it. Then he got into asphalt resurfacing. He knew there had to be a better, faster way. Here's how Pat explained it ...

"It took us about three years or prototype testing. Now for the last couple of years we've been selling the machines quite well."

The first sale was to a Japanese company for highway resurfacing in the southern U.S. Other sales followed. Pat now has machines in several countries. When you consider that each machine sells for 2 million dollars, you quickly realize that Pat has a major invention.

"I take a great amount of pride in being an entrepreneur. In North America we need more entrepreneurs creating new products to keep up with the rest of the world."

Does he recommend entrepreneurship for everyone?

"It's not always the easiest life. Sometimes there's ups, sometimes there's downs. Sometimes you wonder if there will be a tomorrow in the business. But the rewards are great. As far as business goes there are just two kinds. There is managing a business or there is creating a new business. Certainly the most rewarding is creating a new business. People get jobs from it and you can make a lot of money. Yes I recommend it highly. "

Pat's machine is revolutionizing highway and airport runway resurfacing. Buyers have come from as far away as Russia and Japan to order the machines. Pat Wiley and his small company "Artec Asphalt Recycling Systems" have become big players in the global market place. He's another Canadian Achiever

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