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He Has the Best of Both Worlds

"Dr. Ron Taylor"

Ron Taylor was headed for a career as an electrical engineer. He got short circuited in 1962 when he was drafted right out of the University of Toronto into baseball's major leagues as a pitcher. For the next ten years Ron had an enviable career including a World Series championship in 1969 with the New York Mets. In 1972 he felt it was time to retire and build a long term career. Instead of electrical engineering, Ron wanted to become a sports medicine physician. It meant going back to university and starting all over again. Which he willingly did.

Today Dr. Ron Taylor has the best of both worlds. He practices sports medicine at his own clinic. And he keeps his hand in major league baseball as team doctor for the Toronto Blue Jays. It's the dream of most young Canadians to have a life of glamour and fun as a professional athlete. We hear about the fabulous contracts being offered youngsters, many of whom are still in high school. It's an attractive temptation to set aside formal education for the chance to grab the brass ring and its riches. But what about

life after sports? "It's difficult for a teenager to imagine he or she will ever get old, but its a fact of life they must eventually face.

When you consider the average career in professional sports is four years, it's easy to understand why former professional athletes like Dr. Ron Taylor are unanimous in stressing the importance of acquiring an education for life after sports.

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