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"Wayne Gretzky"

What hasn't already been said or written about Wayne Gretzky. He's recognized as the greatest hockey player the world has ever seen. My interview with Wayne had been arranged by the Kings' management to take place the morning following a Vancouver Canucks/Los Angeles Kings game in Vancouver. During the game I sat with hockey legend and member of the Hockey Hall of Fame, Babe Pratt. *I asked Babe what he thought of Wayne Gretzky. Babe replied ... "I've seen 'em all . .. this kid is beyond compare. The best way to describe him is to say that if the good Lord had of sent somebody down to earth to show us all how this game of hockey should be played, he'd of sent Wayne Gretzky."

Wayne is a very humble person. During our interview the next morning, I told him what Babe had said. He looked down at the floor almost embarrassed and said. .. "Now that's pressure . .. over the years there have been so many great players in this game that it's tough to compare. The game has changed a lot, it moves ahead. I really believe that players today are much better and stronger than even when I first broke in. The Game is making progress and that's what really matters most of all. "

Number 99 Wayne Gretzky, from Brantford, Ontario, he's broken nearly every record, and won nearly every award, including being the first hockey player ever named as Sports Illustrated "Man of the Year". On March 22/91 Wayne set another world record when he and Los Angeles Kings owner Bruce McNall paid $451,000 U.S. for a 11/2 X 21/ 2 inch 1921 baseball collectable card of Honas Wagner. And also in 1991, Wayne, along with Canadian comic John Candy and Bruce McNall, bought the Toronto Argos of the CFL!

* Two weeks later Babe Pratt died suddenly of a massive heart attack. He died doing what he liked best ... watching a hockey game in an arena.

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