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"Eileen Cole"

Studies indicate that more women than men are setting up their own small businesses in Canada today. Lending institutions will tell you that women applying for start up loans come to them better prepared. Their pro forrnas are more realistic. Their business profit expectations are usually more realistic than men's. Women stand a better chance to succeed.

Eileen Cole of Elkhorn, Manitoba is part of this new business trend. Eileen is owner of a toy shop and playschool for 3 and 4 year olds in Red Deer, Alberta called, "The Children's Comer".

As a former instructor at a playschool cooperative for a number of years, and as the mother of two children, Eileen spotted the need for a quality educational toy store in central Alberta. She knew a lot about choosing toys and the value of play. What she didn't know very much about was accounting and managing staff. So, she talked to lawyers, bankers and management consultants before deciding to go for it. Seven years of planning went into her store, which opened September 1985. Eileen is really pleased with the way things have gone.

She operates with a full and part time staff of seven people. She limits enrollment at the playschool to 100 youngsters, and there is always a waiting list to enroll. Eileen told me ...

"For years I taught school full time and then playschool for 12 years. But, I always wanted to be on my own. This is wonderful."

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