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Letters of a Businessman

"Kingsley Ward"

Kingsley Ward is a very successful independent business person, owner of eight companies primarily in the field of health care. His son and daughter have both followed his example and chosen careers in the family business.

Kingsley, a native son of Bathurst, New Brunswick, wanted to share his business knowledge with his children. Like most parents he found it difficult to discuss business in person so he wrote them letters. In 1985, the letters were published in two books. The first "Letters of a Businessman To His Son" became an instant worldwide hit ... translated into eight languages including Japanese. The book sold over 1 million copies. It was followed by another equally successful book "Letters of a Businessman To His Daughter". Both books have almost become business bibles. They contain the advice of a self-made businessman on how to succeed in business and life. After reading them I immediately bought copies for each of our three children who work in our family business.

As well, I sent a set to a friend whose son and daughter are with him in their family business and who I knew were having difficulties overcoming the parent/child barriers that can destroy family relationships as well as the family business. My friend's wife called shortly after and said both books had helped ease and overcome a great deal of the turmoil their family had been experiencing.

Kingsley's book acknowledges the common dream scenario of an entrepreneur starting out, building a business, then turning it over to the children to run while mom and dad clip coupons on warm sandy beaches. It sounds great and it does happen.

Kingsley's books help explain how you can make it happen for you.

His hobby is military history. In 1989, he along with Edwin Gibson, authored the book "Courage Remembered", a definitive guide to Commonwealth War Cemeteries and almost 200 war memorials. Their book was dedicated to the one and three quarter million fallen who never came back.

Kingsley Ward, sharing his success and helping others achieve through his own experiences. He's another Canadian Achiever.

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