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"Clifford Chadderton"

Every year the Royal Bank selects one Canadian whose outstanding achievements make an important contribution to human welfare and the common good. The recipient receives one hundred thousand dollars, and a gold medal. The 1988 recipient was a man who has dedicated his entire life to just these values. Clifford Chadderton, chief executive officer of the War Amputations of Canada.

Cliff's a war amp. A victim of the Belgium Campaign in '44. After the war he worked with veterans rehab and in 1965 became chief executive officer of the War Amputations of Canada.

Over the years, he's originated many innovations including 'Champ', the child amputee program. 'Playsafe' films to show children how to play safe. And most notably the film series called 'Never Again', which portrays the horror and futility of war to young Canadians. The films are used extensively in schools. When presented the award, the judge said, "He's dedicated his life to adding spirit and hope to the lives of thousands of Canadian amputees ... he's a personal and valued friend not only to his fellow war veterans but also to many parents and their children throughout Canada" ... what more can be said.

Clifford Chadderton, recipient of the Royal Bank Award and this recognition as a Canadian Achiever.

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