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They Made Their Dreams Come True

"Jules Dumouch, Liette Dumouchel"

I enjoy telling stories of successful restauranteurs. Maybe it's because I travel a lot and spend so much time in restaurants. But also, it's because there is not another business that attracts so many small investors with big dreams. A perfect example is Jules Dumouchel. 27 years ago he quit his job as a meat salesman with Canada Packers to buy a small roadside restaurant in Chateaguay, Quebec. It's called "The Rustick": He and his wife Liette pooled their meagre savings, and worked their hearts out. Chateauguay is a small community located about 20 miles from Montreal. Hardly the place you would expect to now find one of Canada's best run and busiest restaurants. When Jules and Liette bought it 27 years ago Chateaguay and the restaurant were the best kept secrets in Canada. Jules was born and raised in Chateaguay, saw potential and decided to take the plunge.

Over a pleasant dinner at 'The Rustick' one evening Jules explained ...

"That's true. We did take a plunge. But if you like what you're doing and you have good staff and service, you should do alright. However, you must be sure to take inventory of your supplies every month, stay on top of the business and remember to deposit the day’s receipts in the bank. Too many restaurateurs spend the money as it comes in. Forgetting that they must pay the bills at the end of the month. That's where they go wrong. If you have good food, good service, good customers, and take care of the business, you cannot miss."

Their restaurant has undergone many expansions over those 27 years. Today it includes the main restaurant which seats 15 hundred people, a 42 unit motel, and another restaurant next door specializing in Italian food. And they employ up to 200 people.

"We expect to do over 8 million dollars in business this year." (1991) they have built their business on the tried and true formula of good food, friendly hospitality, and long hours.

"We work seven days a week and we like it. That's the only way. If you don't, somebody else will, and you're gone."

Jules and Liette Dumouchel, proof that in Canada you don't have to be in a big city to be a big success. They are Canadian Achievers.

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