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"Don Harron, Charlie Farqueson"

Don Harron has had many successful careers. As an actor, performing Shakespeare on Broadway and England for 12 years. As a writer, he's written among many other things, the "Libberet" for Anne of Green Gables Canada’s longest running stage musical. He's written books as Don Harron and as his fictitious character "Charlie Farqueson". Like most people in the creative field, Dan's mother doubted he had a career profession. So to make things happen Don headed for New York and then England.

Since returning to Canada life's been good for Don Harron. Except when Charlie Farqueson gets in the way.

Charlie Farqueson is the comic character created years ago by Don Harron. Don is the serious guy. Charlie is the rapscallion who says things that sound very funny but, always have a deep serious meaning. On my January 1st, 1991 program, I asked Charlie Farqueson to give us his thoughts and wishes for the New Year. He looked at me wide-eyed and said ...

"Well my gosh. .. we should make war. .. yessiree we should make war. .. war on poverty, war on pollution, war on sickness, and we should hang together. .. yessiree we should all hang in there together."

Universities around the world that teach Greek mythology may soon have to begin teaching Canadian mythology as written by Charlie Farqueson. His new book (Nov.90) aptly called 'Universe' is causing quite a stir. Space fans and scientists really sit up when Charlie explains that there are

V.F.O.’s all around his farm near Parry Sound, Ontario. "Yessiree, the United Farmers of Ontario, that's them there V.F.O.'s alright."

Don Harron and Charlie Farqueson have become Canada's best known comedy duo. For 20 years, Don was a comedy writer along with Gordie Tapp on the popular syndicated TV series "Hee Haw". Charlie Farqueson was "Hee Haw's" ace news reporter delivering the news on their mythical radio station K-O-R-N.

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