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Two Guys with a Red Hot Idea

"Ross Cruickshank, Keith Barnwell"

Many great ideas have come from casual conversation. Here is a classic example...

It all came about when Ross Cruickshank, 36, and Keith Barnwell, 27, were sitting outside having a cold beer on a hot Ontario summer afternoon. The hot sun was too much for the styrofoam bottle holders they were using to keep their beer cold. They reasoned that a beer bottle holder filled with frozen freezer gel would do the trick. So, they set about designing what months later became "The Fridge”.

It took them 18 months and 250 thousand dollars to develop it. They ran out of cash and had to bring in partners. But they persevered and it's paying off. They moved from their backyard garage to a 10,000 square foot plant. They now employ 8 people and expect sales of over 1 million dollars. And are projecting sales of 10 million dollars over the next five years.

So, the next time you're enjoying a refreshment with friends and someone says, "Why don't we invent a something or other. .. “think of Ross Cruickshank and Keith Barnwell and their brainwave that led to "The Fridge". That's how it all started for these two Canadian Achievers.

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