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"Ed Preston"

In 1962, when I arrived at CHML, Hamilton, the station music director was a quiet, bright red-headed guy with the biggest most brilliant smile the world had ever seen. Twenty-nine years later, some of the red hair has lost its lustre, but the smile remains the same. And his career reflects the opportunity that one can develop in Canada.

Before his radio days, Ed played drums in a band and sold records in a store. He left radio to join RCA Victor Records, and his career took off...

"I got in on the ground floor as a regional promotion guy calling on radio stations and record shops, became regional sales manager, then national promotion manager, then Canadian V.P. & GM of The Record Division. I wasn't shooting for the top job. It was just one of those things. It just grew. Everything just fell into place at the right time."

Ed makes it sound so easy. But Ed wanted his own record company, with his own major artists. So he left RCA to join Tembo Music Inc. where his

good friend Roger Whittaker was his first major artist. Ed is the President and GM of the company and executive producer of many of Roger Whittaker's albums. Another of Ed's recording artists is Carroll Baker, "Canada's Queen of Country Music."

Ed Preston has come a long way from selling records in a record shop. And it couldn't happen to a nicer guy. If you're wondering how to get a recording contract, here's Ed's advice ...

"I think its always best to stay within the region you live. Use a local studio to cut a demo, and prepare a brief bio with photos. Then send it around to record companies and music publishers. When someone hears it and feels there is real potential, they might be willing to offer a contract."

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