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She Turned Silver Into Gold

"Elizabeth Manley"

When Ottawa's Elizabeth Manley gave her dazzling performance at the Calgary '88 Olympics the crowd stood and cheered for what seemed like hours.

Since winning the silver medal that night she's gone on to a career that has included. .. "all kinds of things. I'm now with Ice Capades travelling allover the country, I've had television specials, movie screen tests, I could go on for about four hours describing the wonderful things that have happened to me since the Olympics."

Her income this year will exceed one million dollars. And yet it nearly didn't happen. At 17, Elizabeth Manley gave up. She quit. "Well I got to a situation in my career where I didn't think I was improving at all. It's a very tough sport. It got to a point where I wasn't sure that giving up my whole life for this was doing me any good. I think every athlete in their career goes through a time like that. But being off the ice for 3 months made me realize I loved the sport too much to quit."

She returned to the ice, and the rest, as they say, is history.

So the next time you're fed up and want to quit, think about Elizabeth Manley and all of the other achievers who just kept at it, and made it pay off.

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