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She Turned Tragedy Into a Crusade

"Inge Clausen"

On August 21, 1981, a devastating tragedy struck the Clausen family of Duncan, British Columbia. While jogging near her home on a sunny Sunday afternoon, their beautiful fifteen year old daughter Lise was attacked and murdered by a known sex offender released on mandatory supervision.

Lise's mother, Inge Clausen is a very strong willed determined person of Danish descent. As devastated as she and her entire family were, she made it her mission in life to prevent this kind of tragedy from ever happening to an

other family. She gathered a group of friends and formed "The Citizens United for Safety and Justice. Inge explained how it began ...

"I think it actually got started with some friends and relatives sitting around the coffee table talking about what had happened to Lise. None of us really understood the meaning of mandatory supervision, which is what this inmate was out on when he killed her. When we finally understood what it was we decided that something had to be done to change it. We did not want another family to go through what we did."

They began writing letters, lobbying members of parliament, police departments, the corrections department, and parole department, urging stricter parole laws. Word of their efforts caught the media's attention. Inge began hearing from other Canadians who supported her cause. Soon their membership exceeded 3 thousand. In 1986, they successfully pressured the government into introducing Bill C67. A law that controls, to a degree, access to parole for known sex offenders.

Last year, parents of a similar tragedy started a branch of Inge's volunteer organization in eastern Canada.

Inge Clausen turned her family's tragedy into a crusade for the protection of Canadians. She's another Canadian Achiever.

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