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Persistence Paid Off

"Ralph Robinson"

The broadcasting industry seems to attract the kind of person that falls into the risk taker-achiever category. High profile broadcasters such as Ted Rogers, Alan Waters, Harry Steele, Philippe de Gaspe Beaubien and a number of others come quickly to mind. There are many-called in the industry, mid-market broadcasters-who are among the country's top achievers. One in particular is Ralph Robinson. I single him out because he is proof positive that persistence pays off. And in Canada you can make your dreams come true.

From the time he was a youngster growing up in the Prairies, he wanted to be a radio announcer. It was the '30's, the world was in the middle of a depression, and radio was in its infancy. Ralph was 18. He started knocking, or should I say banging, on radio station doors. One finally opened: CHUB Nanaimo, and Ralph began what became an illustrious career. For many years he worked at CKOK, Penticton, CFJC Kamloops, CKOV & CKIQ Kelowna. In 1972 Ralph decided, enough was enough. He wanted to own his own radio station. He applied to the CRTC for a licence to start an AM station in Penticton. The CRTC turned him down; they said Penticton was too small for another station. Two years later he tried again. Again he was

told Penticton was too small. It was obvious the CRTC didn't realize what kind of persistent guy they were dealing with. In 1980 Ralph gathered a group of local investors who believed in Penticton as he did, and off they went to the CRTC once more. This time they won. Ralph's radio station. CIGV-FM would become a reality.

"I just persisted. I didn't stop. I spent eleven years working on those applications. I just kept up until one was accepted."

On October 18, 1981, Ralph and Jean Robinson's 29th wedding anniversary, Ralph's dream came true. CIGV-FM signed on the air. That's the good news. The bad news is it was 1981, the world was in another depression, but that didn't stop him. Today Ralph and Jean are major shareholders in 3 stations. Besides running these stations, Ralph is also a volunteer for local community projects. He carries this same dedication to the broadcast industry. So much so, that his colleagues named him 'Broadcaster of the Year’.

"If someone wants to achieve, they can. But it's important that they want to."

What Ralph says applies not only to broadcasting. It applies to every profession. You have to want it so bad you can taste it-and then be prepared to work for it as Ralph Robinson did. He's another Canadian Achiever.

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